Renowned Innovation

Innovation has been a driving force for our company for more than 40 years, separating us from the competition. We have developed methods of construction and planning that allows us to produce and install our machinery in a timely manner with higher precision. Our technologies deliver unmatched performance, engineered to be extremely reliable and energy efficient.

Superior Design

Our patented designs give manufacturers a wide variety of products with many advantages. In every design, superior engineering goes into every detail of our products and services with your operations personnel in mind. It is critical that your personnel have a safe experience working with and around the machinery we provide.

Ultimate Performance

Our machinery out performs competitive equipment because we build the machines with higher quality components, thicker steel than is required, larger shafts and components for moving parts that turn at slower speeds resulting in components that don't prematurely fail. Our applicators are precise instruments and produce a consistent and stable product. The combustion systems are designed and tuned with the air circulating system feeding our superior Therm-O-Flo air distribution systems for precise level air delivery to the material being dried or cured. 

Range control systems have made many advances in the last decade and now have reliable capabilities through PLC control that improve quality, reduce labor cost, and record history of many critical functions. This gives both the operator and management staff the information they need to maximize the production rates and ultimately, profits.  Whether you produce broadloom, scatter rugs, woven, or modular products TSI has got you covered.

Practical Sustainability

As an engineering firm and supplier of machinery for the industries that we serve, we are committed to the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibilities.

Solid Relationships

Our staff is dedicated to maintaining solid and productive relationships to encourage efficiency in communication of development to improve our customer's operations and profitability.

Contact us about your requirements and let us show you the TSI difference. Choose TSI for our 40 years of innovative technology and superior design and performance, and watch your profits grow year after year.

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